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Christina Cupples

Head Honcho and Travel Advisor

We live in an information-rich society and sometimes the choices can be overwhelming. With a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science, I am the perfect choice to help you navigate all of that information. My education provides me with all the tools and training needed to help you create a family experience that is best suited for your traveling style and budget. I love finding all of those little bits and pieces of information that will make your vacation memories truly amazing! Your vacation is my vacation. I know that both your time and your money are important to you, and I want to help you make the most of both.


When I’m not planning fantastic adventures, I’m busy spending time with my husband and 2 daughters in the Lone Star State. We have 3 furbabies- Jan, Jules, and Jimmy Buffett. When I travel with my family, we always want to be near the ocean. We love cruise ships, Mexico, and all things Disney. My idea of the perfect vacay destination is any place that is warm with ocean views and a beach. I’ll be the one in the hammock…umbrella drink in one hand and a Jane Austen book in the other! The #1 place on my travel bucket list is Zanzibar followed by a visit to Exuma to swim with the pigs


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